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E' the concept in order to express our job in the within of the virtual truth, feeling to us more than Voluntary Siblings of the Misericordie.

Good week.....
edited by Paolo Diani

10th  week

The violin
To a sale to the pole, the town crier lifted a violin. 
It was dirty, scratched and splintery. 
The ropes hung you loosen and the town crier thought
you/he/she was not worth the punishment 
to waste so much time with the old violin,  but it lifted him/it with a smile. 
"That offer you do me, gentlemen"? it shouted. 
"We depart from ...50 European"!. 
" 55"! it said a voice. 
Then sixty. 
" 65"! another said. 
Then seventy. 
"Seventy European, one; seventy European, two; seventy
 From the fund of the room a man from the grey hair advanced and taken the bow. 
With the handkerchief it dusted the old violin, extended the loosened ropes, it grasped him/it  with energy and it played a pure and sweet melody as the song of the angels. 
When the music stopped, the town crier, with a calm and low voice it said: 
"How much you offer me for the old violin"?. 
And it lifted him/it together with the bow. 
"Five hundred, and who says thousand European? Thousand! 
And who says 1500? 
1500, one; 
1500, two;  
1500 and three, awarded"! the town crier said. 
People applauded, but some asked: 
"What you/he/she has changed the value of the violin"?. 
Ready the answer came: 
"The Teacher's touch"!. 
If in some circumstance of the life it is found again there  
as old violins, useless, dirty, scratched and splintery;
no fear. 
We have a certainty: we are able to make marvelous things.
Enough "the Teacher's touch".... 
Good Week!



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